Wide range of functions, elegant appearance, diverse styles and efficient power generation.
IEC/EN61215 IEC/EN61730
Fire rating: Class A

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Quality Highlights

High power generation

Compared with other photovoltaic technologies, it has outstanding advantages in power generation performance in hot and humid environments, and performs best

Low temperature coefficient

Little affected by temperature,with the increase of temperature, the power attenuation is small

Small occlusion loss

Being shielded has little impact on power generation, small hot spot effect, low power generation loss, and guarantees product life and safe used

Adapt to harsh environments

It can be installed and used in mountains, deserts, and coastal defenses. It is a marble building material that can generate electricity

Perfect integration with architecture

The color pattern can be customized, the style is diverse, beautiful and generous, the price is affordable, and it can be used in the farm house at a low price

Environmental protection and safety

Energy saving and emission reduction, the only building material that can create value for the owner


Applicazioni d’uso

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  • Chengu Smart Center

    Project location: Chengdu City, Sichua
    Installed Capacity: 270kW
    Project Type: Wall BAPC
    Time to Grid Connection: September 2018

  • Zhangjiakou Civic Center

    Project location: Zhangjiakou City, Hebei
    Installed Capacity: 92kW
    Project Type: Wall BIPV
    Time to Grid Connection: December 2019

  • Smart Energy E-commerce Building in Ruichang

    Project location: Ruichang City, Jiangxi
    Installed Capacity: 534kW
    Project Type: BIPV
    Time to Grid Connection: December 2020

  • CNBM (Handan)

    Project location: Handan City, Hebei
    Installed Capacity: 500kW
    Project Type: Structural curtain wall BIPV
    Time to Grid Connection: September 2020

  • Prefabricated Villa in Dingan County, Hainan Province

    Project location: Dingan County, Hainan
    Installed Capacity: 6.3kW
    Project Type: Rooftop BAPV
    Time to Grid Connection: July 2018

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