Full Black / Mono PERC / 1500V DC / 20.6% Maximum Efficiency

Cells:120 [2 x (10 x 6)]

Module Dimensions:1755 x 1038 x 35 mm

Module Weight:20 kg

12 anni Garanzia Prodotto
25 anni Garanzia Performance

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Resistenza al fuoco: Type 1 (UNI 9177)

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qualifiche e certificati prodotto

Quality Highlights

Higher module conversion efficiency

Maximize limited space with high efficiency mono PERC cells Half-cell design, lower Rs loss, lower hot spot temperature

Highly reliable due to stringent quality control

100% EL double inspection
In-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements

Excellent low light performance

Excellent low light performance on cloudy days mornings and evenings

Certified to withstand the most challenging environment

2400 Pa wind load • 5400 Pa snow load • 25 mm hail stones at 82 km/h

High system voltage compatible

Maximum 1500V DC system voltage saves total system cost

IP68 junction box

High waterproof level for long term weather endurance


Applicazioni d’uso

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  • Swindon

    Project location: Wiltshire, UK
    Installed Capacity: 60,6 MW
    Project Type: Utility Scale

  • Imperial County

    Project location: California, USA
    Installed Capacity: 98 MW
    Project Type: Utility Scale

  • Shotwick

    Project location: Cheshire, UK
    Installed Capacity: 72,2 MW
    Project Type: Utility Scale

  • Wolperstetter

    Project location: Germany
    Installed Capacity: 2,2 MW
    Project Type: Utility Scale

  • Industrial Building

    Project location: Cina
    Installed Capacity: 4,6MW
    Project Type: Industrial Rooftop

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