The UZ Energy Power Lite A1 battery is a low voltage Li-Fe-P battery, making it safer and more reliable than high voltage batteries. The compact design allows parallel configuration of many units (up to 16). These batteries are suitable for various storage solutions: for residential use, for off-grid systems, for smart-grid systems and for UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

Rated Energy: 5.12 kWh
Rated Voltage: 51.2 V
Rated Capacity: 100 Ah
Depth of Discharge: 100%
Lifetime: 10 years

10 years Product Warranty

Quality Highlights

Long Life Span

The battery can be expected to remain serviceable for more than 10 years, considering that it is
charged and discharged once in a day at room temperature (25 °C).

Long Life Span

Olivine-type lithium iron phosphate batteries with excellent thermal stability and storage characteristics are used in this product. The module also incorporates a self-monitoring function for the detection of any abnormalities in energy storage.

Compact Design

The height is designed in 3U for 19-inch rack systems, in favor of standard industrial applications.

High Capability

Multiple energy storage modules can be connected in parallel, and the capacity can be customized according to the intended use.

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