The photovoltaic inverter is the key device of the photovoltaic system which transforms the power produced by the photovoltaic modules (in DC) into useful power (in AC). Thanks to the inverter it is thus possible to power the loads and transfer the energy produced to the grid. Our set of high-performance inverters offers the right solution for every requirement.

Hybrid Inverter

An on-grid inverter’s main task is to convert DC power generated by the PV plant into usable AC power. The hybrid inverters go beyond the classic inverters and smartly manage both the grid and loads connected to it, both the storage system. In modern photovoltaic systems, the hybrid inverter becomes an added value to obtain the most suitable configuration for every need.

Three-phase String Inverter

Three-phase string inverters are used to convert the power produced by the photovoltaic array into electrical power that can be used by the network. Our offer of string inverters covers a wide range of powers and convert to alternating current at voltages of 230/400 V; so it can connect directly to the public network without the need for a transformer. In addition, our string inverters allow the connection of many photovoltaic panels to a single inverter reaching record powers (350 kW) with the possibility of connecting 30 strings to 15 MPPT, saving on the necessary equipment at the same array size.